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Uther Vom Gowenhaus
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Regina Vom GowenHaus
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Yemir's head at 5 weeks - sired by Cooghan and Sheena

Danton - Male pup from Sheena and Cooghan at 9 weeks

Aurora - Female pup from Sheena and Cooghan at 9 weeks



Pups by Diva

Diva's pups after 2 days

Pup at 10 weeks

Pup at 10 weeks


Odin at 6 weeks

Odin at 7 weeks

Female Petra at 4 months
(From Gina and Dolf)

Petra running



Male pup from Kiwi and Dolf at 10 days

Queen from Dolf and Kiwi - 9 weeks


P Litter Male - 6 weeks

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Litter born 12-17-01 from Gina V Gowenhaus X Ike V Sittard ( Noris V Grutenblick and Cita V Sittard) 


Male and Female pups at 6 weeks

Natasha V GowenHaus

These pups were sired by Eik Vom Sittard
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