Harley Von Tonisbergen - Multi V-1 Multi Sieger, Junior BOB. This is one of the most beautiful rotts I've ever seen.

12.4.2014. CAC Kikinda: V1 (young class)
31.5.2014. CAC Ada: V1, JUNIOR BEST OF BREED (young class)
31.5.2014. CAC Mol (night show): V1 (young class)
16.8.2014. Special Rottweiler Show KD Stara Pazova: V3 (young class)
Judge: Tatjana Popova (RUS)

30.8.2014. CAC Zrenjanin: V1, CAC (intermedia class)
6.8.2014. CACIB Kecskemet, Hungary: V3 (young class)
Judge: Dieter Hoffmann (ADRK)

7.8.2014. CACIB Kecskemet, Hungary: V1, JUNIOR BEST OF BREED (young class)
Judge: Dr. Peter Friedrich (ADRK)

31.05.2014. CACIB ADA
Judge : Gustaaf Van den Bosch (Belgium)

30.08.2014. CAC Begej Zrenjanin: V1 (young class, BIS Junior)
Judge :Slobodan Miloševski

CRITQUE from Professor Dr. Peter Friedrich ADRK Judge
Well developed young male, beautiful body structure
Strong head, stop and fang, stable and strong bones
Large ears, well carried
Black gums
Strong neck
Hard topline
Well carried tail
Very strong brisket
Very good bottom line chest
Good proportion of the skeleton
Very well angulated
A great step in the running
Very attentive and friendly
Young club winner 2014

 These photos below are at 16 months

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